Protest Over Pinkham Way

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Around 150 people protested outside Barnet Town Hall this evening against plans for a waste-processing center to be built in Alexandra.

The Pinkham Way Alliance tried to disrupt the cabinet meeting, where councillors agreed to the proposed waste facility site at Pinkham Way.

Bidesh Sarkar is the chair of the alliance. He said they understand that the north London boroughs have to deal with waste, but thinks the site at Pinkham Way is the wrong solution in the wrong place. They’re worried that there will be increased pollution, traffic congestion, reduction in local amenities and a cost to public health:

“People protesting here tonight are from all walks of life, young and old, and they’re here to let the council know that they have not been consulted properly, and they’re fearful that their lives are going to be devastated.”

50 of the protesters were allowed to attend the meeting where Paul Scott, a member of the campaign group, asked a series of questions.

Cllr Richard Cornelius, who is in charge of planning, said they have to find other ways to dispose rubbish because of the EU landfill tax.  This, he said, is why Barnet Council, alongside seven other North London local authorities (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest) are allocating the Pinkham Way land as a site for waste management. He said:

“We wouldn’t be proposing anything that would damage public health…I don’t believe it will harm residents in the area”.

Protests over Pinkham WayHe added that residents have been consulted. Although the alliance maintained that the consultation was inadequate because many people didn’t know about the proposals.

Cllr Brian Coleman, cabinet member for the environment, said they had no choice but to adopt the policy and that it will have “huge benefits to Barnet residents”.

Furthermore, he said Pinkham Way is “by far the most logical site”.

The proposals for Pinkham Way are expected to go to Haringey Council in May, who will decide whether or not to give planning permission.

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