Residents Against Waste Site Plan

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A group of residents have started campaigning against a waste facility being proposed in Alexandra.

The Pinkham Way Alliance is opposing plans for the site between Muswell Hill Golf Course and the North Circular, which have been put forward by the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and Barnet Council.

The campaign group don’t think local people have been consulted properly on the proposals, which include a 15,000 square meter building for processing rubbish, and a depot to be used by an estimated 540 vehicles each day. They say that most residents have found out through word of mouth from other local people, rather than from direct contact with the authorities.

Bidesh Sarkar is the chair of the protest group who are planning demonstrations, and have issued flyers to residents in the area. He wants the authorities to hold a public meeting so people can have an open debate. He said:

“We are determined to stop this plan in its tracks. We know that the north London boroughs have to deal with their waste, but this is the wrong solution in the wrong place.”

Further concerns were raised last week at a meeting of the Bounds Green Residents’ Association, which was attended by around 140 people. The potential odour, noise, congestion, and potential storage of methane gas were among the worries raised in the discussion.

The NLWA have issued the following statement to Alexandra News in response:

“We understand residents concerns about the proposed development.  We have been working hard to raise awareness of our plans with local residents so they are aware of them before we submit the outline planning application in late spring.

The volume of waste that could be treated at the Pinkham Way site would be up to 300,000 tonnes per annum (tpa). The figure of 1.2M tpa that has been referenced is a projection of waste that might be generated across all of the north London boroughs in the future.

Waste from the boroughs of Haringey, Barnet and Enfield is expected to be treated at the Pinkham Way site. Waste from the other north London boroughs will be sent to other existing facilities in north London.

The waste facility at Pinkham Way will be enclosed, with no sorting, recycling or treatment in the open air – this will help deal with noise.  The buildings will also be fitted with an air management system that includes filtration for managing odour, and the site will comply with all required environmental standards.

In terms of traffic flow – North London Waste Authority (NLWA) projections are that 335 lorries will enter and leave the depot each working day – this includes repeat trips from refuse collection and street cleansing vehicles that must empty their loads two or three times per day so that they can carry on collecting rubbish, sweeping streets and emptying litter bins, and which ordinarily avoid peak commuter hours.  The rest is small vehicles, such as staff cars, which may take the total number up to an estimated 540 – 560 a day. We have also carried out a traffic assessment; this showed that the additional vehicle movements would only add a very small percentage to the number already using the road network in the area.

It is still too early to determine whether anaerobic digestion will be used in the MBT treatment process. If it is, there will be a small amount of methane gas storage on site to act as a reservoir for the engines that generate electricity from the gas.”

Barnet Council’s cabinet will be meeting this Tuesday 29th March at Hendon Town Hall to decide whether to go ahead with plans, in principle.

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